Changes in Forex Cargo Sea freight loading and Shipping Schedule.

Please be advised that our Sea freight loading and shipping days have now been changed. Loading cut-off day is now on a Tuesday, vessel sails out on a Friday. Please see our website for the Sea Freight Shipping Schedule. Our airfreight remains the same, loading cut off is Friday, cargo flies out on a Wednesday. Please […]

Service Announcement, delay with Cargo shipment.

Please be advised that there are delays with 2 containers scheduled to depart on the 22nd of January, due to maintenance issues with the cargo vessel. These containers will be loaded to a different vessel which is due to depart on the 9th of February……

Announcement: System down time.

We are currently experiencing some Technical Issues with our Intermet and Telephone Lines, our Technical Personnel are working with our Telecoms Provider to resolve these issue. Telephones should be restored in a few hours. For urgent issues kindly email us at