Balikbayan Box Pick Up Guidelines during COVID Restrictions

Your safety and safety of our employees are priority to Forex, and we would like to request we all follow the recommendations listed below in order to keep our interaction as COVID safe as possible:

1.) Place the Box near the Front Door.

Please have your box/es as close to your front door as possible. This way we can perform the transaction near or at the front porch where at all possible during this time.

2.) Ensure all paperworks are ready.

Ensure all necessary paperwork (Packing List) is filled and signed before we arrive. No signing of paperwork will be required upon pick up.

3.) Wearing a Mask.

For your safety we will be wearing a mask at the time of pick up and we recommend that customers also wear a mask for the duration we are on site.

4.) Contactless Payment.

We offer and recommend the use of contactless payment (either via EFT or Credit/Debit Card Tap ‘n Go) where possible.

We appreciate your cooperation during these challenging times.